Kip Toner Benefit Auctions ~ Use of KTBA Item Terms

Each year the KTBA Items Program serves hundreds of benefit auctions and thousands of their guests. KTBA offers items to benefit auctions to increase sales and net revenue, and the benefit auction makes the major financial gain on these items, rather than KTBA. By offering a KTBA Item to your guests, your organization agrees to these terms.  If, in the sole judgment of Kip Toner Benefit Auctions, you or your organization fails to comply with these terms, the KTBA Item is withdrawn and the sale must be cancelled.

By downloading the catalog description from the Kip Toner Benefit Auctions website, your organization acknowledges receipt of a catalog description for each KTBA Item(s) selected,. The KTBA website is updated every 90 days.  Your organization acknowledges the KTBA website is subject to change due to causes including, but not limited to: travel industry rates, currency valuations, and fuel expense fluctuations.  You acknowledge the KTBA website may become outdated or inaccurate, and that accurate and current information is contained only in the catalog description(s) which you agree to publish without any change. All KTBA Items are date sensitive. Before you print your catalog you must log into your account on the KTBA website and print the most current information pertaining to your reserved KTBA Items.

Your organization agrees that the sale of a KTBA Item is made by your organization, not by KTBA.  KTBA arranges each item so that your organization has the opportunity to make the sale and receive the major financial gain on the sale of the item, but the sale is made by your organization, not by KTBA. You agree that your organization retains any surplus funds bid above the payout amount and that your organization has the major ability to gain financially from the sale of a KTBA Item.

Your organization agrees that KTBA facilitates your purchaser’s contact with the item provider and/or vendor.  KTBA offers this facilitation service on your organization’s behalf so that the payout amounts remain low.

Your organization agrees that all sales of KTBA items are final. Once the successful purchaser information and payment have been submitted to KTBA, no refunds will be possible.

The payout amount for each KTBA Item sale must be sent to KTBA either via or USPS within seven days after the auction date.  No funds are due before your benefit auction. You must also enter into the KTBA website the complete purchaser information including: name, telephone, email address, and mailing address, as well as your organization’s event information and contact person information.  Note: the purchaser’s mailing address can not be a Post Office Box because a signature may be required to confirm delivery of the item voucher(s).

Do not wait for a KTBA invoice before sending the payout amount to KTBA.  KTBA does not send invoices for KTBA Items.  For any KTBA Item to be processed, it is the sole responsibility of your organization to log into the KTBA website and enter the information of the successful purchasers and make payment. You may multiply the KTBA Item payout amount by the quantity of KTBA Items sold and send that amount to KTBA.  These funds are not income to KTBA but instead are placed in a KTBA trust account to be forwarded within seven calendar days of receipt of the funds and complete purchaser information to the appropriate KTBA Item provider on your purchaser’s behalf.

The appropriate KTBA Item provider will contact the item vendor(s) and instruct the vendor(s) to send voucher(s) directly to your purchaser.  Vendors use different methods to send vouchers: email, U.S. mail, or Federal Express. These vouchers are good to the bearer so care must be taken that they are not lost.  Vouchers can not be replaced. Vouchers are not gift certificates and have a fixed expiration date. You agree to contact your purchaser(s) within thirty days following your auction to confirm voucher(s) receipt.

KTBA selects providers with a multi-year record of success in providing items that enhance benefit auctions’ revenue.  You acknowledge that specific KTBA Items and Item providers are subject to discontinuation, termination, and/or dissolution without notice to KTBA.  While KTBA seeks to recommend the very best item providers to your organization, KTBA makes no guarantee of any provider’s services. Your organization gains the surplus funds on the sale of these items and thus assumes the risk of any failure of a provider or vendor to perform.


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