Kip Toner Benefit Auctions ~ Our Success Stories

Community College Foundation

"For our first auction, we had 3-months to put on our annual fundraising dinner and auction. The KTBA staff rolled up their sleeves and worked alongside us at every turn. We honestly couldn’t have done it without them, and our success exceeded everyone’s expectations. Our second year, we exceeded the first! And, not to be too cliché, folks are still talking about it! One of our esteemed guests came up to me during the event, grabbed my shoulders and in a very excited voice said, “Home Run! This is a Home Run!”  What better feeling could one have?  Here at our college, especially due to the economic situation, budget cuts, and layoffs, we are grateful to have such depth and breadth of support. Our success served to rally the troops, improved morale significantly, and provided financial support to many of our students during these difficult economic times; we are all heroes! We will work with KTBA again because they Rock!"

Shelley G.--Kirkland, WA

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