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With an extremely limited budget, our PTSA helps supports our children's public school education, making it possible for the students to utilize resources not otherwise provided to them through the public school system. For example, our PTSA pays for field trips, school activities, and most important, our school's Music Specialist. To fund these special functions, we rely heavily on our annual auction. We have been conducting an auction for about ten years. At first, we attempted to perform every facet of the auction, but quickly learned that to best serve our auction guests we should have professionals conduct the auction. We decided to start out with hiring just an auctioneer, to see what effect the auctioneer would have on the outcome of the auction. We were surprised to find out that the auctioneer intended on only "calling the auction" and had no real interest in our organization. This experience was unsettling, but we knew that to have the most successful auction possible we need to use professionals. So the next year we did more homework and contacted Kip Toner Benefit Auctions. We again quickly learned that the KTBA approach to benefit auctions is unmatched by any other benefit auction group. The package of services that KTBA put together for us included a professional auctioneer (who received very high compliments from our guests - we have requested that auctioneer year after year), assistant auctioneers, an auction planner, computers and cashiers, and the printing of all of our silent auction bid forms, plus all the bid cards we need. In the first year that we had KTBA at our auction, we could immediately see the difference. Our guests had a great time, the auction reached our goals, and we haven't looked back since.

Julie P. Washington D.C.

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