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Wildlife Organization

Raised enough money to keep the organization open for another year - "We were in a real financial bind...basically the future of our organization was depending on us reaching our financial goal at the auction. Last year was especially hard, the large number of injured or abused animals which we serviced, far exceeded our funds available. The need to rescue, heal and release many more animals put greater financial stress on our organization. We went into the auction night with one number in mind...$50,000. We informed Kip Toner Benefit Auctions that we must reach our goal at the auction or the doors would be shutting before the end of the year. We were relieved when KTBA responded to the circumstances of our situation with a positive outlook on the auction and the attitude that our goal was achievable. To our surprise and delight, when the auction concluded, and the dust settled, we had raised $60,000 and our organization could continue on for another year.

Frank Y. - Seattle Washington

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