Kip Toner Benefit Auctions ~ Services

Event Planning

If you are new to benefit auctions, a seasoned volunteer, staff person, want extra services, or simply want change, Kip Toner Benefit Auction planning services may be ideal for you and your organization. We will review your goals and financial expectations and then recommend a plan that best fits your auctionís needs.

Below are just some of the tools and services that you will receive:

  • Unlimited auction planning sessions available by telephone, email or in person
  • Countdown to Auction Success
  • Training sessions for your staff and volunteers
  • An Acquisitions Rally on how to acquire the best selling items and the items that are easiest to obtain
  • An Audience Development session to get the right people at your auction
  • Customized event timelines
  • Live Auction Order - Kip Toner will put your live items in their best selling order
  • Venue layout review and auction quality sound system specfications