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Pro or no? Why you should hire a professional auctioneer
By: KTBA ~ 4/6/2010

Last Wednesday, we witnessed a perfect example of the difference a professional auctioneer can make for the revenue and entertainment value of any benefit auction.  About one week prior to their event, a college athletic club made a last minute decision to hire Kip Toner to call their annual auction. Since this was their first year hiring a professional auctioneer, as with many non-profit organizations, there may have been initial concern about budget constraints and the fees associated with booking a professional. These worries were quickly set aside when Kip Toner’s professionalism and benefit auction expertise more than paid for the services he provided. In fact, because they hired a professional auctioneer, this auction doubled their previous year’s revenue, both paying for the auctioneer’s services and providing significant additional income for the cause! Employing all of the tricks of the benefit auction trade and his signature polished yet upbeat style, Kip Toner knew how to make it fun for the guests to give more than ever before.  


KTBA’s professional benefit auctioneers are experts at generating the most revenue possible while providing an entertaining evening with their engaging auctioneering styles. To book a KTBA professional auctioneer for your next event, please contact the KTBA team. We want to show you the difference a professional benefit auctioneer can make for your auction!