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Fund-An-Itemô and the Economy
By: Kip Toner ~ 2/23/2010

Lately, KTBA has received questions from auction chairs concerned about whether Fund-An-Item™ contributions at benefit auctions have taken a hit from the recent economic downturn.  Our recent experiences with Fund-An-Item™ revenues at benefit auctions have been somewhat surprising, but very positively so!  We have found that while some auctions have not necessarily increased their total at auction revenue, many have seen a marked increase in Fund-An-Item™ contributions.  Loyal donors and supporters realize that unless they go the extra mile for the organizations they believe in, many of those organizations may not be able to continue their important work in this challenging economic climate.  

This is a great year to put some extra effort into your auction’s Fund-An-Item™ appeal.  Try to make it emotional so that it will resonate personally with your prospective donors.  Consider inviting someone to give the Fund-An-Item™ appeal whose life has been significantly changed for the better by the work this appeal will fund.  Make sure that the appeal is brief and effective, and watch the numbers grow!