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The Importance of a Live Auction Order
By: Kip Toner ~ 1/12/2010

Of the many activities that will take place in your benefit auction program, it is likely that the one expected to generate the most revenue is the live auction itself.  In addition, this is probably the part of the evening when your guests are most expecting to be entertained. With this in mind, it is imperative that special consideration be given to the ordering of the items for the live auction, since this seemingly simple project can have a tremendous effect on the revenue and energy that your live auction generates.  Ordering live items most effectively requires a determination of which items will likely sell well over value since these items should predominate the beginning of your live auction, setting an expectation for your guests that they must bid aggressively to “get in game,” as it were.  It is also important to build momentum by increasing the value of offerings to a certain point, and then decreasing as the auction winds down.


Throughout his many years working with benefit auctions, Kip has mastered the art of live auction orders, turning it into a science that is focused on generating the most revenue and excitement possible from any given collection of live auction items. The live auction order is only one of the many valuable planning services that Kip and his team can offer you, and all of them can significantly affect your auction’s financial outcome.  If you are interested in working with Kip to maximize your live auction’s revenue and entertainment value, please contact the KTBA team!