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Assigning Bid Numbers: A Few Tips
By: Kip Toner ~ 11/19/2009

In determining how to assign bid numbers and distribute bid cards, consider the following “do’s” and “don’ts” to help streamline your registration and cashiering systems:


Do assign the same bid number to couples who will pay with one payment.


Do give a pair of bid cards to each couple who plans to pay with one payment.


Do track your guests by bid number rather than by person and indicate for each number how many people are associated with each bid number/account. This way you can keep track of the number of guests who will attend, and you will have assigned only one bid number per couple.


Don’t assign the same bid number to guests who will pay with separate payments by giving them each one card from a pair of bid cards. Instead, give them different bid numbers and cards.


Don’t give couples who will pay on one payment unique bid numbers.


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