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Why ExpressPay™?
By: Kip Toner ~ 11/5/2009

One of the most valuable services that the KTBA cashiering system offers is the implementation of ExpressPay™.  When guests enroll in ExpressPay™ at the beginning of the auction, they avoid having to stand in line to pay at the end of the auction, and a preliminary statement of account and applicable silent auction item certificates will be delivered to them at their table during the live auction. This system has two primary benefits:

-          When the majority of guests enroll in ExpressPay™, cashiering lines are eliminated.

-          All ExpressPay™ guests receive a preliminary statement of silent auction purchases at the beginning of the live, allowing them to take their personal auction budget into account while bidding in the live auction. This means that guests who might otherwise have been unsure how much they have already spent might find out that they actually have more money to spend in the live auction, often resulting in more aggressive live bidding.


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