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Item Trade Brings Excitement and Variety to Live Auction
By: Kip Toner ~ 8/3/2009

Last Thursday, a KTBA client auction increased their auction revenue by 40%, proving that the choice of a mid-week day for a benefit auction does not negatively affect auction revenue, but can actually increase it! At this auction, a KTBA facilitated trade item was sold; a private plane flight was traded for a ride in a 100 + mph hydroplane.  The private plane ride sold over value, generating more revenue than a hydroplane ride would have for this particular constituency.  Because this organization has easy access to hydroplane rides given its mission and constituency, it was able to increase its revenue by trading a more easily procured item for one that was more uniquely desirable for its constituency.  To add more variety and excitement to your live auction, consider trading an item with another organization that is planning a benefit auction.  KTBA is happy to facilitate this trade; simply contact us with your item information, and we notify other organizations that you are interested in trading for an item of similar or equal value. Since we will be posting information about trade items as we receive them on the KTBA blog, please subscribe to the KTBA blog to stay updated about possible item trades and other innovative benefit auction ideas.