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Kip Toner Delivers Benefit Auction Presentation for Shunpike’s “Accountability and the Arts” Series
By: Kip Toner ~ 7/14/2009

Kip Toner recently gave an informative presentation about benefit auctions as part of Shunpike’s “Accountability and the Arts” series. Shunpike is an organization that assists small to medium sized art groups with the business end of their projects. Since this usually includes fundraising, a presentation on benefit auctions by one of the leading benefit auctioneers in the nation was a natural choice.

Shunpike has made the presentation available via podcast on their website: to download and listen, click here. 

Some of the highlights:

            Just what is a Benefit Auction?  (1:53-2:23)

            Two ways your auction can raise more money (16:53-17:45)

            Which day of the week is best for auctions?  (1:26:18-1:27:43)

            Auctions and the economy (1:00:45-1:05:17)

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