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Fund-An-Itemô and KTBA Items Continue to Boost Benefit Auction Revenue
By: Kip Toner ~ 6/2/2009

Extending the current trend of increased generosity in straight donations, two KTBA client auctions this past weekend are happy to report increased Fund-An-Item™ donations. One of these auctions exceeded its goal by 25%, raising $50K instead of the projected $40K!


KTBA auction items proved to be huge live auction boosters this weekend. The best selling African Photo Safari with its lucrative return sold multiple times, raising thousands of dollars for KTBA benefit auction clients.  Even more guests from one of this weekend’s auctions are still interested in purchasing the African Photo Safari, additional sales that we are always happy to accommodate as a way of increasing an auction’s revenue, even after the event! 


One of our newest KTBA items had an outstanding debut this weekend; Kip sold five one-week stays at a luxury 3-bedroom home on Hawaii’s Big Island for $1,400 each. Because of its low payout amount of $900, this item alone raised $2,500 for our client organization. To offer this item in your own auction, you can reserve it here.  While you are there, don’t forget to check out the other KTBA items available to you in the “Auction Items” section of our website. As we saw this past weekend, these items can be significant benefit auction revenue boosters. Remember, there is no upfront expense and no risk to include these items in your auction.  Simply reserve, download, and sell!