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Does your Auction have the need for Speed?
By: Kip Toner ~ 5/11/2009

With the blue skies of Seafair overhead and Lake Washington all your own, it’s time to take a ride in one of the fastest boats on the planet. For a limited time, Kip Toner Benefit Auctions has the privilege to offer an exclusive once in a lifetime experience: a ride in a Hydroplane on Lake Washington!  This experience is the real deal for the ultimate speedster, clocking over 100 MPH with you along for the ride. This ride is for one person in August 2009 and has a dream value of $1,500.


KTBA has made special arrangements for you to offer this item in your auction with NO reserve and NO minimum bid.  This item is available to you via the KTBA Item Trade Program.  In return for this item, simply allow us to offer an item from your own auction to our Clients, possibly an item of which you have multiples.  The item(s) must be of similar value and draw.  Think of all the fun and excitement this experience could bring to your auction lineup!


For more details contact KTBA at info@KipTonerBenefitAuctions.com